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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet Tooth Fairy

Life is an adventure. I like to think of it that way. Every time something new and different to do comes along, I am game for the new experience. A week and a half ago the Utah Watercolor Society hosted the 35th Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Delegates from 11 societies came to Salt Lake along with some of their members to attend this wonderful watercolor show. For four days we indulged ourselves with great art and meeting new and old acquaintances. We had a great time and thanks to everyone from UWS that put in so many hours to make this event run so smoothly.

Not to change the subject, but I am going to... here is my latest doll. She is a sweet tooth fairy and she was inspired by all the cupcakes that were present at Western Fed. She is now on auction on eBay.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Guardian Angel of Naughty Kitties

Some kitties are naughty... they just are. They can be cute and sweet and cuddly one minute and then next minute they are sharpening their claws on the new couch! After I finished painting this kitty angel's face, I could tell she was a guardian angel for naughty kitties. Her expression looks like, 'here we go again'! She is 8" tall and likes to fly around alot. She kind of sneaks up on naughty kitties and they don't know what hit them. Suddenly they become cute and cuddly again. It makes you wonder if cats really have nine lives or just a really good guardian angel.

This cute little angel kitty is on ebay looking for more naughty kitties to watch over.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Made a Gritty Jane Doll!

In January I took the Cloth and Clay Doll Workshop from Jane DesRosier. I thought at the time I would like to make a 'Jane' doll. So now it's May I am finally finishing her. She was the second doll I sculpted, so there is a lot to be desired in my efforts, but it was fun to do. I am really enjoying the sculpting of faces on these dolls. I called her 'Dear Jane' and will be listing her on ebay tonight. I hope you will go take a look at the auction, there are a lot more pictures there. Here's the link: