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Monday, January 04, 2016

I am the Guest Artist at the Utah Watercolor Society Meeting!

I love the Utah Watercolor Society! I get to start the New Year with them sharing some tips on drawing from within to add your own uniqueness to your paintings. Then in February I am teaching a workshop titled "Follow Your Inspiration".  What fun! Join us at the meeting tomorrow night- see the info below for details. I will also be talking about setting some artistic goals for the new year. If you are not a member of UWS, come check it out, there is no charge to attend the meeting.

Utah Watercolor Society
Utah Watercolor Society Announcement

 "Follow Your Inspiration"
Be prepared to get involved and splash some paint on January 5th with Past President Catherine Darling Hostetter! Let Catherine help you, "Follow Your Inspiration: Learn how to use your imagination to personalize and add the unexpected to your watercolor style."
Catherine focuses on animals and people in her artwork- often with a whimsical twist. Come learn how to follow your inspiration; where even the most traditional artist can incorporate creative ideas into their style! You will learn how to let go and use your imagination with our fun Creative Challenge!
We will be dividing up in 3 teams and inviting some audience members to participate!  Everyone will be on a team! Who's team will you be on; Team Catherine, Team Colleen (Reynolds) or Team Tom (Howard)? Join us for a fun night creating paintings from our imaginations!
Sons of Utah Pioneers Hall
3301 E. Louise Ave (2920 S.)
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Utah Watercolor Society
PO Box 581005
Salt Lake City, Utah 84158-1005

Utah Watercolor Society | PO Box 581005 | Salt Lake City | UT | 84158-1005