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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Emo's Grave - An Urban Legend

It wouldn't be Halloween time without mentioning Emo's Grave.

This painting is currently featured in my show 'Falling For Salt Lake' now on display at Local Colors of Utah Gallery - 1054 E. 2100 So. in Sugar House. Open Tues-Sat. 11:00am-7:00pm. And yes we are open despite all the construction around us! 

Emo's grave is located in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. It was in high school that I first heard about it and it said to be one of Salt Lake's scariest places to visit.
It is said that if you go to Emo's grave at midnight and circle three times around it chanting Emo, Emo, Emo... You will see his face in the window! How's that for a creepy time?

The grave belongs to Jacob "Emo" Moritz who founded the Salt Lake Brewing Company. Jacob died on a trip to Germany and his family erected the memorial to remember him. 
 This is an urban legend and no disrespect is meant towards the Moritz family. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dressing up - It's October After All

Now that my show for Local Colors is up at the gallery, I have been focusing on my online art. After taking pretty much a year off from online sales, the last couple of months I have been turning my thoughts back to them.

One thing I have done to get my Etsy and Ebay shops up and running  was match my online prices to my gallery prices. I feel at this point in my little art career, I should do that. However, after much research and thinking, thinking, thinking I have decided that my online sales are going to take a new direction and become more illustrative rather than trying to compete with my gallery work.

I am not ready to totally present my new items just yet, but I will give you a little hint. I am pulling out some little characters I did in the 70's and I am going to incorporate them into my new stuff!

I went digging through boxes and pulled out a little face that I have used from time to time over the years. This particular image comes from a tie that I gave to my Dad for Easter, ties being a favorite gift and all for dads. He couldn't actually wear this one though, as it's picture!

I recall how hard I worked to make this little face a bit different from other artist's work. We didn't have the internet back then so I researched library books. 

Hopefully I will have my new product ready to show you by the end of the week. Meanwhile I have a Easter tie for dressing up- I guess it will work for Halloween too.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bowlin' Bowlin' Bowlin' Rawhide!

This is another painting for my show in mid-October. I got a little crazy with this one. This neon bowling pin is located in Salt Lake on State street around 23rd south (not the exact address, but you certainly aren't going to miss it!)

The cows are in their retro bowling shirts and are ready to bowl. Bowlin' anyone?

Monday, October 01, 2012

I Have a Show Mid October!

I am busily painting for my show at Local Colors. The theme is 'Falling' (tis the season, fa la la!) and I decided my interpretation of the theme is Falling for Salt Lake. I chose that because recently I painted the gigantimus Snelgrove Ice Cream Cones located in Sugar House. I have loved them since I was 5 years old! I imagined what it would be like to lick a cone that size. So it was only natural that I painted somebody to lick it! 

I had such fun painting this that I decided to do my whole show of  icons and landmarks unique to the Salt Lake Valley, and of course they will be tainted with a whimsical twist. I will give you a sneak preview here on my blog as I get my paintings done. I am on my fifth one right now. If you have any suggestions for SLC landmarks for me to paint, let me know!

The show opens Friday, October 19 at Local Colors gallery, 1054 E. 2100 S. SLC. 
There will also be a drawing to enter for a painting.. more on that later!