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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Tomato Bird

Since my featured show at Local Colors last month, and having produced a number of paintings, I have been focusing on making art dolls the past few weeks. Tonight on Ebay I will be listing my Sweet Tomato Bird. Click on my ebay link for more pictures.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Last Seven Days Made Me Feel Week in the Knees!

I am so glad this week is through! It was not very artfull for me. I recently started tending my handicapped grandson for 4 days a week, every afternoon, and just before that I have to take my daughter to work -which is an hour round trip. I will have to do that for a couple more weeks. Then there were meetings three nights this week. But the worst thing was that I had procrastinated doing my taxes and worked on them each morning before I had to run around for the afternoon. I finished them, and got them to the post office by Thursday the 15th at 10:30 pm! Mix in rehanging the Co-op gallery one day and then gallery stroll on Friday night. Well those things are kinda arty. But no painting. No sir, not for me!

Every year I swear I will do my tax preparation each month so it's not such a big task when it becomes tax season. Gee it's April and I am already four months behind! I think I would rather paint.

I was very pleased to see that I was featured on EBSQ's blog as one of Friday's Five! That was a surprise. Thank you, Amanda!

As a result of my busy week there is not much on ebay, but I will get some art back on in the next couple of days. It's going to take some doing to adjust to my new schedule of missing the whole afternoon when I normally paint all day.
This doll will be on ebay tomorrow night.

Monday, April 05, 2010

More Ebay Art

If you have read my earlier posts over the last couple of months, you will know that I have been experimenting with my ebay auctions. In a nutshell, I have read some books that recommend that you start your auctions at $1.00 or less. They say it averages out, as normally some auctions go for low prices but other auctions get bid higher, because by starting low, more people view your auctions. In my experiment, most everything sold,and the low listing fees were very nice, but... I decided that it didn't work for me, most things didn't go high enought to make it worthwhile. So.
New plan, making my folk art dolls, starting them at the minimum bid I am willing to take. Here's what happened so far; after one week, all dolls sold except one. Nothing got bid up - but they all ended on Easter (today) so I didn't feel too bad about that. Holidays are usually not a good day to end an auction on. So I was happy with the winning minimum bid on the doll auctions - they at least paid for my time and materials. And I had a lot of fun!
I have decided to just make dolls and do small watercolors for ebay, mostly my whimisical art. I don't think I will put my acrylic paintings on ebay any more and just put them on etsy for higher prices. I guess I am tired of working for nothing! :-)
I think the economy art-wise is improving, my work has been selling again at the galleries I am in. I am looking forward to not being in the starving artist mode anymore (although to look at me you'd know I am kidding!) Anyone else feel like they are in the starving artist mode? Or is it just me, a lone artist in the world?

I believe good things are on their way! Above is a small 4x6 inch painting listed on ebay this week. It's called Calico Kitty Hugs.