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Monday, April 05, 2010

More Ebay Art

If you have read my earlier posts over the last couple of months, you will know that I have been experimenting with my ebay auctions. In a nutshell, I have read some books that recommend that you start your auctions at $1.00 or less. They say it averages out, as normally some auctions go for low prices but other auctions get bid higher, because by starting low, more people view your auctions. In my experiment, most everything sold,and the low listing fees were very nice, but... I decided that it didn't work for me, most things didn't go high enought to make it worthwhile. So.
New plan, making my folk art dolls, starting them at the minimum bid I am willing to take. Here's what happened so far; after one week, all dolls sold except one. Nothing got bid up - but they all ended on Easter (today) so I didn't feel too bad about that. Holidays are usually not a good day to end an auction on. So I was happy with the winning minimum bid on the doll auctions - they at least paid for my time and materials. And I had a lot of fun!
I have decided to just make dolls and do small watercolors for ebay, mostly my whimisical art. I don't think I will put my acrylic paintings on ebay any more and just put them on etsy for higher prices. I guess I am tired of working for nothing! :-)
I think the economy art-wise is improving, my work has been selling again at the galleries I am in. I am looking forward to not being in the starving artist mode anymore (although to look at me you'd know I am kidding!) Anyone else feel like they are in the starving artist mode? Or is it just me, a lone artist in the world?

I believe good things are on their way! Above is a small 4x6 inch painting listed on ebay this week. It's called Calico Kitty Hugs.


anotherlinda said...

Hi Cathy! I've learned to just list what I feel something is worth and if it sells for that price I am happy. I have listed items a number of times at really low prices and they have sold for too I agree with you!
Good luck! Linda

Catherine Darling said...

Hi Linda,
I appreciate your comments, it is nice to hear someone else has come to the same conclusions!
Best of luck to you too!

Another Daydreamer said...

Cathy you're in the EBSQ Friday Five. :D

~ Amanda

mooaany said...

I am afraid to take on Ebay, I spend so much time on other venues. But I have bought LOTS on Ebay.

Is there anyone who can compare ebay to say, Etsy?

Torrie Smiley said...

I just recently closed my eBay store. I still list individual paintings at times. I do much better selling on Etsy and enjoy the atmosphere on the site much more than eBay. I have noticed a general overall traffic slow down after closing my eBay store. So, it may have driven customers to my other sites or my own website to purchase paintings. I am thinking of re-opening the store to see if I get an upswing in traffic.


mooaany said...
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mooaany said...

Very interesting to read your comments Torrie. I seem to hear through my travels that art is selling better then Artisan Jewelry, would be curious to know what the consumer mindset is these days.

I do know people are not buying willy nilly now, they have to really like what you have to offer!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to here about selling on Etsy. I have just created a blog an planning to sell on Etsy. I still have to unerstand how it works.
You are not alone having hard time to live out of your art (which is beautifull).

Catherine Darling said...

Wow, Amanda thanks so much for letting me know that I'm EBSQ Friday Five! That is so fun.

I appreciate your comments Mooanny, Torrie and Monique. This past week I didn't get anything done for ebay, it's a story for my next blog entry!

morton-n-freinds said...

had a terrible time selling any thing any where but on line sales are awful...hoping for brighter days in the near future...have a great day...hugs...christen