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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saint of Turning Back Time

Onward with my journey of painting saints. This one was suggested by my friend Amy who works for Sundance Catalog as a designer. She is also an amazing jewelry artist and a mom.

Ah if we could have a saint that could turn back time, we could get more done in the day. That's a goal that is worthy enough to merit a saint for it, right?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Saint of Kind Words

I finished another piece for my upcoming show at Local Colors. As mentioned earlier on my blog, I am doing a theme of Saints. I think the world is full of them! Good people everyday inspire me with plenty of reference material in their kind words and deeds. In my book a saint is anyone that inspire us to live better by their example.
This piece is called The Saint of Kind Words. If we all had a one of these saints, I wouldn't have a to paint a 'Bite your tongue' Saint!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catching up - Thanksgiving Point Plein Air

This past weekend - well week actually, I participated in a plein air competition. Now landscapes are not my cup of tea, but it sounded like fun so I signed up. In conjunction with the competition they had a two day art festival so I signed up to have a booth as well.

On Thursday I loaded up my paints and went to participate in the competition. Thanksgiving Point has these massive formal gardens and with so much beauty it was hard to choose what to paint. Having visited the gardens a month ago I decided to paint something that had previously caught my eye. It was a statue of herons (I think) located in the Monet Gardens. The competition actually ran 3 days in which I could paint but because of previous commitments I could only paint on the last day. By the time I got setup it was noon and the paintings had to be done and framed by 5:00 that afternoon. I suddenly realized that I didn't allow myself much time!

I set to work, sitting in the full sun, plastered in sunblock as I enjoyed the warm September day. Not being a plein air artist I had chosen acrylic as my medium. It wasn't too long I realized the folly of mixing acrylic and hot sun. It dried almost immediately! Nevertheless I pressed on and painted til 4:10, then hiked back to my car to frame my piece.

I didn't win a prize in the competition, but I surprised myself that I could paint a landscape and I enjoyed the peacefulness that I found in the garden that day. I think I will do it again next year but definately paint in oils instead!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Plein Air At Gilgal

There is nothing better than spending a warm summer afternoon in a garden painting. Today I painted plein air at Gilgal Gardens 10th year Celebration. It was made by Thomas Child who created in his backyard this sculpture garden that illustrated his beliefs. Here's the link if you are interested;

For the celebration they asked artists from Local Colors to come and paint plein air. Our gallery is just around the corner from the garden. I chose to paint the Alpha and Omega arch. I took a picture of my painting and the arch so you could see. It's about a 1/3 way done and I will finish it in a week or so.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Let the Saints Begin!

As previously mentioned I have a show mid October at Local Colors and had decided to do a theme of Saints. So between now and then about everything I paint will be Saints.
This weekend I will have a booth at the Avenues Street Fair in Salt Lake. This is a lovely community day long festival which I have done for 5 or 6 years now. One thing that is really enjoyable about it is that everyone brings their dogs to it. You see the most amazing variety of dogs! I love it.

So with dogs in mind, my first saint painting is a dog! St. DoggyBeGood is the saint of doggy treats. He is very sweet in nature and very popular among dogs.

If you happen to be in Salt Lake this weekend come visit me. The fair will be on 7th Avenue between I and N streets. I will be sharing a booth with John Blumenkamp - an awesome photographer. Our booth will be between K and L street, on the south side #22.

I will be bringing my dog (painting), come meet St. DoggyBeGood.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dancing with Dogs - Revisited

Last March I had a show at Local Colors and one of the paintings I did for it was Dancing with Dogs. Recently I entered this painting in the Intermountain Society of Artists Fall Show. Tonight was the reception and awards ceremony. I was happy to win a 3rd place award for it, along with a Recognition award for another painting called "What's Next". It is always nice to win awards, it kind of makes you feel you are doing something right with your art.
Being one of the last to leave from anything I attend (I don't know why - probably I gab too much) I noticed a lady that kept going over to Dancing with Dogs. Then she was trying to measure it with a string since there wasn't any measuring tapes around. Well of course I stepped right up and told her the measurements - 3' x 4'. She told me she was a volunteer at the Cultural Celebration Center (where this show is). Her daughter had come in and looked at the show first and told her mom that she saw a painting that she just loved. Then the mom got a chance to take a look and found a painting she really liked. Both of them loved Dancing with Dogs! So.... after calling her son to make sure it would fit above their piano, she bought it! Whoo-hoo, an $1800 painting!
When you sell in a gallery you don't often get the opportunity to meet the people who buy your paintings. I can't tell you what a treat it is when you get to meet them and you know your painting is going to a good home.
So tonight, I am counting my blessings and being thankful and grateful to be an artist. It is a joyful occupation.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Life is Ever Changing

Good news! Local Colors of Utah will soon premiering their new website. I am excited about that because I will be able to offer my gallery work online. If you have looked through my blog you will see that I have a mixture of styles in my artwork. After thinking long and hard I decided I will be upgrading what I offer online on Etsy and Ebay to something similar to my gallery work. I am also going to focus more on a particular style.
It has been tough these past couple of years for artists with the economy being what it is. For my online venues I have tried to lower my prices, paint faster, I have aimed for making a certain wage per hour to try to make a steady income. It's been hard as art is more of a luxury than a necessity.
So after much thought I have decided to focus on making a presentation of art that is more consistent whether it be for sale on my gallery website or on etsy or ebay. I will also be more consistent in pricing, so regardless where you shop, it will be comparable. There will probably be variances, for example; if an item is framed will cost more than one that is not framed, and so on.

So for the next few weeks there will still be a modgepodge of styles in my art and pricing, but once what I have is gone, you can expect the new style and pricing.
At least that's my thought for today. We will see how well I stick to it.

Today I am featuring a little ghost called Little Halloween Ghostie. She is an art doll/ornament and can hang wherever you want some haunting! She is on ebay for $25. Click the ebay link at the top of this page for purchase.