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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Life is Ever Changing

Good news! Local Colors of Utah will soon premiering their new website. I am excited about that because I will be able to offer my gallery work online. If you have looked through my blog you will see that I have a mixture of styles in my artwork. After thinking long and hard I decided I will be upgrading what I offer online on Etsy and Ebay to something similar to my gallery work. I am also going to focus more on a particular style.
It has been tough these past couple of years for artists with the economy being what it is. For my online venues I have tried to lower my prices, paint faster, I have aimed for making a certain wage per hour to try to make a steady income. It's been hard as art is more of a luxury than a necessity.
So after much thought I have decided to focus on making a presentation of art that is more consistent whether it be for sale on my gallery website or on etsy or ebay. I will also be more consistent in pricing, so regardless where you shop, it will be comparable. There will probably be variances, for example; if an item is framed will cost more than one that is not framed, and so on.

So for the next few weeks there will still be a modgepodge of styles in my art and pricing, but once what I have is gone, you can expect the new style and pricing.
At least that's my thought for today. We will see how well I stick to it.

Today I am featuring a little ghost called Little Halloween Ghostie. She is an art doll/ornament and can hang wherever you want some haunting! She is on ebay for $25. Click the ebay link at the top of this page for purchase.

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Tumbledown said...

Must say...this little the cutiest thing ever... :)