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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Mini Studio

I have a mini studio, and a mini nursery, all in my mini bedroom. Or I should say it's not a very big bedroom but that didn't sound as good. I like mini.

I am becoming quite productive now that I can paint in my bedroom (see previous entry for why I paint in my bedroom instead of the studio).  I have a show opening on March 17th so I have to be productive if I want to have something to hang.

I have attached a couple of images so you can see what my mini studio looks like. Sorry they are not great pictures. On my desk I have two monitors because I am still planning on doing some illustrations in photoshop for an app I am making with my sons. It's a lot easier to work on two monitors when you are doing stuff like that. At least that's what my boys tell me. However, I have found that I quite like it for watching Netflix on one and working on a project on the other. Netflix also keeps me very entertained while I am painting too. But ocassionally I let Lily watch Barney on it while I paint. Sometimes it more important to keep the baby entertained so I CAN paint.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Missing in Action...

If you read my last entry, it was dated back in September. I have been missing in action from my blog and most things internet related! I mentioned previously that we were moving our gallery. It's a co-op gallery and we moved it into storage til our new space was available. Once in, we had to fix up the new gallery. We opened mid-November, ready or not. To make a long story short I have been spending my extra time working on things for the gallery thru January. Thanks to all our members we are now organized with all kinds of committees and we have a lovely gallery.

During February, I turned my attention to some painting and organizing my house. Since I started tending my baby grand-daughter Lily full time, I have not been able to get down to my studio much, even though it is in my basement. It's unfinished and kind of cool (not in an awesome way, just temperature-wise). Not a place for a freshly made baby.

Now I have reorganized my bedroom to accomodate a playpen and make my desk area more functional so that I can paint small paintings there. I have a highchair in there too. I am finally painting again, hooray! It's about time since Lily is now 9 months old. Where did the time go? Tomorrow I will take some pictures, for a small space it's pretty functional.

In March I am one of the featured artists at our gallery Local Colors, so for the next few weeks I will be posting some new pieces for my show. The image here is one from a series of dancing dogs that I am continuing. It's called 'A Dance With Dogs'. It's one of those small paintings I have been talking about. It's actually about 4" square, but it's in a wooden frame which I have painted, so the whole thing is 8" square.