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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long time no see...

Well I did it, I survived overbooking myself for the last three months or so. Have you ever felt you had to grab every opportunity that came along? That's how I felt. As an artist, I thought that translated to more publicity. It does, but at what cost?

I had myself so tightly scheduled that I was painting day and night. All I could see ahead of me was meeting my deadlines. Not a fun way to live!

It's hard to paint your best when you are understress. So I have learned never to do that again. :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Busy summer, how about you?

I just finished 3 paintings for a local show. I belong to an artist's group called Intermountain Society of Artists, and in December was awarded 'member of merit' status. This show is just for the mofm's and we could enter 3 paintings each. Darned if I didn't forget to take a picture of the paintings before I took them to the gallery. Friday the 15 there is a reception, so I will take some photos then and post them.
Here is a painting that I currently have on auction on ebay.
Check it out!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday friday, What are you going to do today? I think of Fridays as fun days. Usually in the evening we do something fun, like go on a art gallery stroll or something like that. But tonight we are going to the Parade of Homes in Salt Lake. I really like to go to that each year.

I was going to get all kinds of paintings done today, but my dad came by and then my daughter and then I had to run to the postoffice to mail a grundle of paintings. So the day just kind of slipped away. I did get a lot done in the morning and early afternoon, lest you think I played all day.

I am working on some pieces for a show that involve some texture techniques. I will post some images of it soon.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love Somerset Studio!

I bought myself a treat today at Michaels ( I used the 20% off coupon on the entire purchase...of course). Even though I should be buying art supplies, I indulged myself by buying the Somerset Studio magazine, the art of paper and mixed media. I absolutely love it, love it. I think it is pure creativity and so inspiring.

Another thing I love about it is how they open the magazine up to artists to send in articles or projects they've done. I mean, they will publish your art if it's selected. That is way cool. As I browsed through it, I thought hmmmm..... I should send something in sometime. Just for fun. Hey... anyone want to join me? Now that would be fun! By the way the call for entries page is 121 in the July/Aug edition.

Gee, am I crazy or what? Here I am with several local shows ahead of me that requires major production and I am getting sidetracked with this. Seeing stuff that inspires me always does that.

Well, I am off to go get inspired some more. If you haven't already pick up yourself a copy of Somerset, you should. And if you get it at Michaels be sure to use your discount coupon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Art is Art

Sunday I regained my power seller status on ebay, whoo hoo. Thanks to everyone who buys my art on ebay. I have many repeat customers and they are just wonderful.

Today I am re-hanging our little gallery that I am a partner in, as well as a contributing artist. We have some wonderful local artists, both in personality as will as talented in their art. It is a fun little gallery. We rehang the gallery twice a month. If you are ever in Salt Lake City, stop by.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I am really going to do this!

I have been wanting to blog for a loooong time but haven't, fearing it would catch me up into the computer and whirl me away into wasted time! But there are benefits to blogging and I am sure I can overcome my fears...maybe.

Today I am tempted to do another art doll. On ebay I have focused on sheep with quotes and scriptures, with occasional cows, bunnies, angels and miscellaneous bizarre things from my mind.

I also have two shows coming up in my galleries in Salt Lake City, one in September and another in October. Not to mention the 4 street fairs I've gotten involved with in the next 3 months. I have a lot of painting to do and I have to admit I am a bit overwhelmed. Do other artists overbook themselves like this? How am I going to get all this done and still produce my ebay work (my consistent bread and butter in this economy).

One thing I have tried, is to neglect my house... but that is not working. Any suggestions? So here I sit and am voluntarily letting myself blog into time that should be Painting? Too late, gentle reader! I have just given a bit of my soul to the vortex of blogging, and guess what? It didn't take as long as I thought!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pretty Ewe

Today I finished my sheep doll. It is in a shadow box for display. I have it on auction now for ebay. Here is the link to my eBay store:

The name of my doll is Pretty Ewe. She has a teal dress with little black crows on it. Her wool is tied up with a ribbon for a tiny pig tail... or should I say pony tail... probably sheep tail would be most appropriate.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sheep Sheep Sheep - no wonder I sleep so well

Sheep are my livelyhood and maybe cows too.... no, I'm not a farmer, I sell them on ebay! Oh, I paint other things as well, but sheep are very steady sellers for me. This week I decided to try my hand at making a sheep doll. Totally original, created by me. It's taking me a couple of days now ( a lot of thinkin' and plannin') and so far I have a sheep head made of polymer clay and I've painted it... and today I sewed a naked sheep body without any arms or legs -correction - I guess they only have legs. If I can figure out how, I will post a picture of it. Yay! I did it!

Tomorrow I should be able to finish it and put it on ebay. There is still lots to do of course. I think I will probably make a dress for her. Tomorrow I will post picts of the finished sheepy. For now I'm off to bed. Counting sheep make me tired.
Oh, one more thing, I like to include scriptures from the bible on my sheep art now and then, and I find a lot of people who buy my art like that. So I thought I would share with you a real cool video I found today (it's Sunday after all) called Reflections of Christ.
Check out the Angels... can you guess how they made them fly?