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Monday, July 28, 2008

I am really going to do this!

I have been wanting to blog for a loooong time but haven't, fearing it would catch me up into the computer and whirl me away into wasted time! But there are benefits to blogging and I am sure I can overcome my fears...maybe.

Today I am tempted to do another art doll. On ebay I have focused on sheep with quotes and scriptures, with occasional cows, bunnies, angels and miscellaneous bizarre things from my mind.

I also have two shows coming up in my galleries in Salt Lake City, one in September and another in October. Not to mention the 4 street fairs I've gotten involved with in the next 3 months. I have a lot of painting to do and I have to admit I am a bit overwhelmed. Do other artists overbook themselves like this? How am I going to get all this done and still produce my ebay work (my consistent bread and butter in this economy).

One thing I have tried, is to neglect my house... but that is not working. Any suggestions? So here I sit and am voluntarily letting myself blog into time that should be Painting? Too late, gentle reader! I have just given a bit of my soul to the vortex of blogging, and guess what? It didn't take as long as I thought!


Laure said...

Congrats and good luck, Cathy! Just found you through an ACEO on eBay. I think most artists I know are overbooked - in some form or fashion.

B R E A T H E and let it come together - just like the blog did! I'll be following in your footsteps soon. My blog and web site are almost ready to go up and I'm super excited! I'll be checking back in to see how you're doing! Hang in there! ~ Laure

Catherine Darling said...

Hi Laure,
Thanks! I appreciate your words. Breathe is exactly what I need to do. I am so caught up in how to get everthing done that I am not being very productive. I am just going to BREATHE and it will come together.
Please give me your link on your blog and web site I can't wait to see it!