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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Mini Studio

I have a mini studio, and a mini nursery, all in my mini bedroom. Or I should say it's not a very big bedroom but that didn't sound as good. I like mini.

I am becoming quite productive now that I can paint in my bedroom (see previous entry for why I paint in my bedroom instead of the studio).  I have a show opening on March 17th so I have to be productive if I want to have something to hang.

I have attached a couple of images so you can see what my mini studio looks like. Sorry they are not great pictures. On my desk I have two monitors because I am still planning on doing some illustrations in photoshop for an app I am making with my sons. It's a lot easier to work on two monitors when you are doing stuff like that. At least that's what my boys tell me. However, I have found that I quite like it for watching Netflix on one and working on a project on the other. Netflix also keeps me very entertained while I am painting too. But ocassionally I let Lily watch Barney on it while I paint. Sometimes it more important to keep the baby entertained so I CAN paint.

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