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Monday, October 16, 2006

It's Official! A Painting a Day!

Hi Everyone!

I am finally venturing into the world of blogging. If I knew it was so easy, I probably would have started much sooner.

My name is Catherine Darling Hostetter, and I am a full time artist from Salt Lake City, UT. I have been selling my art on ebay since September of 2001. I am a power seller and have been painting a painting a day nearly every day since that time. Selling art is an addiction to me as much as it is to paint it. I love it when someone enjoys my art enough to buy it!

Can I brag? I pretty much am a quiet-mind-my-own business artist, but recently I had a painting featured in Smart Money - the Wall Street Journal Magazine. It's in this month's October Issue! It was a small abstract 11" x 14" called "Summer Storm". My painting was chosen to represent the artist online group EBSQ.

What can I say but YIPPEE-SKIPPEE!

The article is called Art.Com. It doesn't say anything about me but my credit is in very itsy bitsy small print in the fold of the magazine.

As a result of this publicity, I was chosen to be one of two featured artists for EBSQ. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out...
I am a featured artist for the month of October 2006 so if you are reading this later and missed it you can look back at the archives. Or just look up my name Catherine Darling Hostetter. I hope you will read that and my profile as well as look at my portfolio there.

Now for the painting a day.
This one is titled "White Blossoms". It is framed, so I had to start this auction at a higher price. It is a little larger ( 8" x 10") than I plan to paint for my daily painting that I will feature here on this blog. Normally my daily painting won't be framed.

Here's a link to the auction now on ebay:

If you chance to look at the other paintings in my ebay store, don't let it throw you... my bread and butter paintings so far have been folk style art. However I have a love for painting realism and hope to feature those types of paintings for my daily painting. You never know though... a folk art cow or sheep may pop up now and then too!

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