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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opening Reception for My Show

Last Friday night was the opening reception for my show. I shared the evening with two other featured artists, a potter, Tori Miller and an artisan jeweler, Patty Street. It was a great night! I tried to get a picture of the main part of my show, but it's not a very good one. But you get an idea of what it looked like. Special thanks to all my dear friends who supported me! It was the highlight of my evening seeing each one of you.

Being an artist is certainly a journey. I am at a defining point in my career, I think. I mean, I have tried all kinds of things, experimented with styles etc. Maybe it's not so hard for some artists to define their style. My problem has been I have kind of a mixed bag of styles. So for this show I decided to paint what was in my brain rather then a more realistic approach. So that's what this show is about, letting my brain loose and seeing what comes of it. Pictured above is 'Tulip Girl', who went home with my darling friend Annette Vernon. Tulip girl is painted in acrylic on masonite and then I put a crackle finish on her with an antique glaze. I try to get a shot of all my paintings before I take them to the gallery, but didn't with this one, so I took a quick shot of her under gallery lights - which isn't the best lighting. Oh well.

If you live in Salt Lake I hope you will stop by and see the show!


Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful style Cathy, this wall looks fabulous with all your art. Amazingly talented!



my tiny studio said...

Congratulations on your show , it looks wonderful!


anotherlinda said...

Wow....I love them all. Great work, as always! Congratulations! Linda

Catherine Darling said...

Thanks Julie-ann, Rafael and Linda! Wouldn't be fun if we could all get together with our art?

Ayala Art said...

It looks Beautiful!