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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harmony and Progress on 'The Cache Cow'

I worked on my demo painting the other day and finally got around to posting the progress. I have been busy this week getting ready for gallery stroll at the gallery I am in, Local Colors. So I apologize to my Cache Valley friends and anyone else who is following this demo for being so dang slow!

I put another layer of color on the cow and worked on Miss Moo's face and down udder. The spots are as dark as I am going to go with them. I like the way the colors blended together and give the impression of black, but it is really quite colorful.

I have been contemplating a lot about what direction I should go with my art lately. I decided that I need to strive for harmony in all aspects of my life so that I will be more open to inspiration in my art. I was once told to visualize myself as a mountain stream running along. When something comes along in life that threatens to block progress, I should do like the stream does whenever it comes to a rock and just flow around it. I think if I strive have harmony in my life I could do that! I'll let you know if it works. :-)

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