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Friday, June 01, 2012

The lusty month of May has now passed, and we are safe once again. Thank goodness for Camelot or we wouldn't know about lusty months... I didn't mean to start out my blog entry this way. It just happened. Things like that happen after midnight when my brain is half asleep.

But on to new things... I have been painting, and I am doing a series of 3" x 3" paintings. At first I was going to buy those tiny cute canvases, but then remembered my pledge to myself that I made earlier this year... USE SUPPLIES THAT I HAVE STOCKPILED AWAY.

You may have noticed the caps on that last sentence. It was meant to reinforce to myself that I can't spend money on new supplies until I have used up what I have or I absolutely need something and cannot replace it with any other supply.

Ok, so back to my 3" x 3" paintings. No I didn't buy the cute canvas. Instead I thought and thought and came up with a way to make my own. Using things around my studio, of course. And I made cute little easels for them as well. So I am happy. Plus my painting is truly original in all respects.

This is one of the new little guys. This painting is titled Indigo Bunting. It is currently on etsy with 3 other small paintings that I listed tonight. cathydarling etsy shop

So there you go... a fine ending to the lusty month of May!

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