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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Arches Watercolor Paper Disappointment

A few months back I moved. Which means I was forced to go through and organize all my art supplies. This past week I needed to paint a watercolor to enter into the Utah Watercolor Society Spring Show. This year we have the amazing John Salminen to jury our show.

Determined to use some of the supplies I had in store, I found some Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. I haven't used Arches for several years now but my memory was soon refreshed as to the reason for that.

Starting the painting with the first couple of washes was fine, but then as I applied more layers of color, the paper acted very weird and the colors would not blend properly. Frustrated, I kept on going; I had a deadline to meet and no time to start another painting! If you have read my blog at all you may have gathered that I tend to procrastinate painting for shows til the last couple of days before it's due.

The painting ended up ok, but I wasn't pleased with the face of the girl. Painting skin tones can be delicate work, and this paper would not let me blend the colors as well as I wanted. *sigh*.

The title of this painting is "Then It Dawned On Her". Kind of a poetic tribute to why I will never buy Arches again. Yes...

NOW I remember why I switched to Fabriano WC paper.


snowkisses said...

Thanks for sharing. I understand the pleasure and the pain but realize it's always yours to gain. I finally found all these wonderful pictures people have been sharing (for quite some time)with me. Now if I can only find my email again. My painting is still at the Local Colors gallery (I hope).

I have to get out there. I don't know what I fear. I am doing some paintings through video classes from Gagnon and Edmundson who post on YouTube. I get great critiques from them.

I will certainly miss you. I wish I had known you were leaving SLC. That would have gotten me to the gallery.

My grand daughter Alia turned 12 today. She is a brilliant blossom in the new tech generation. She thrives in social media. She types about 50 wpm and has the vocabulary of a senior in high school. What's most unique is that she basically taught all these skills to herself. The world will be a better place because of these creative children.

You did a great job on your painting and I am not familiar with that paper. It's so artist like that we would be the only one to criticize and find those little things that we should have or could have done better.

No wonder I spend so much time in this shell.

Take care,


Catherine Darling said...

Hi Erna,
It's so good to hear from you! I am only in Portland for a couple of weeks while my granddaughter heals enough to get back to day care. I will be home this coming Sunday.Yes your painting is still at LC. Hope to see you there soon!