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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here are a couple of paintings that I recently painted in a workshop with Sterling Edwards. Unfortunately they don't resemble the technique he was teaching us at all! I tend to paint quite tightly with my watercolors and Sterling was all about getting the color down in very loose and free way. I just couldn't escape my old ways! I told Sterling I would practice. I think I will put these up on Etsy today.

The images are from photos I took while in San Diego. The first one is of a finger of the bay that went behind our hotel. The second one is Bird of Paradise that grew along the walkway in the same place.


Chicken Lips said...

Regardless of whether or not you followed his technique, these are GORGEOUS!

Catherine Darling said...

Thanks David!

anotherlinda said...

Beautiful as always! I know what you mean when you say your work always turns out the same style. Happens to be all the time. I will start out with the idea of a loose, impressionistic style in mind and then by the time I am done it is just another Linda's. I tell my family to check on me from time to time and then drag me away when they think the painting is finished! :-) Linda