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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nibblefest Contest!

Each month I participate in a contest for ebay artists called Nibblefest. All auctions start at 99 cents. This month's theme is 'the Secret Life of Toys'. I thought about what to paint all day long. I came up with the idea of Barbie dating the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Last summer when my mom passed away, I inherited her collection of Pillsbury Dough Boys. She loved him! Especially in the commercial where someone sticks their finger in his tummy and he giggles. So I grabbed an old Barbie that I had and the 1971 version of the Pillsbury Dough Boy and took a picture of them together. I collaged a million dollar bill (not a real one) on the painting too and painted Barbie and Pills in acrylic. It was a lot of fun. Check my ebay auctions (link at the left) to see this auction.

1 comment:

anotherlinda said...

My goodness...this is just REALLY clever! Such a beautiful job too...doesn't surprise me. I can hardly wait for you to list items so I can see what you've come up with! :-) Linda