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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poppy Dance

On Tuesday I ventured out on an errand and I took my camera. I am trying to build up my collection of reference photos to paint from. I ran across the most gorgeous poppies! They were scarlet instead of the usual red-orange. I parked my car and took a lot a pictures.

Last night I painted from one of the reference photos. I used a 20" x 16" but wanted to impart the tissue paper characteristic of the poppy. So I collaged a white tissue paper with gold patterns onto the canvas. Then I printed up a quote by Lenore Mulets on vellum and collaged that.
"The poppies were dancing in their garden home. The morning breezes were their partners".

Once my textured surface was dried, I drew the poppies on in black charcoal pencil. I painted them in acrylic and then detailed the poppies with the charcoal pencil.

This painting is now on etsy.

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anotherlinda said...

It's just beautiful of course! I hope it sells for mucho bucks! Linda