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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Alice painting

This is my painting that was accepted into the Utah Watercolor Fall Show. With the theme being 'inspired by a book', I just had to do an Alice painting from Through the Looking Glass. Tweedledum and Tweedledee seemed prime candidates so they got in it too.
It was fun to see the watercolor show, it was really interesting to see what books were depicted. There was a wonderful abstract, inspired by the book 'Home Improvement'. I am sure that looking at the painting was a lot more fun than reading the book.

I felt compelled to do my own frame for this painting, I wanted to collage some of the verse from the book on it. I looked all over to find a perfect frame, it didn't have to be new, as I was going to collage and paint it the way I wanted. After looking around for several days through frame shops and thrift stores, guess where I found the perfect frame? In my basement! It was a very old solid wood one that I inherited from my mom. I don't know were she got it from. It was just what I wanted, what I had envisioned it to look like. I know my mom would be very pleased that I used it for this purpose. She was one of my greatest fans (you know how moms are!).
I think I spent as much time re-finishing the frame as I did painting the painting. It was fun to do, I think I am a crackle addict! (not crack, mind you, crackle!)


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Love your work. This painting and frame are wonderful!

anotherlinda said...

The painting and the frame sure complement each other! Another great job Catherine! Linda

Catherine Darling said...

Thanks Jennifer and Linda! I really appreciate your kind comments.

Sophia said...

Wow...I stumbled across your blog via the halloween parties going are a FANTASTIC artist! I'm seriously impressed!

Catherine Darling said...

Thanks Sophia,
You are so kind!