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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Holidays are Upon Us

Do you decorate for the Holidays? Do you put your decorations up right as soon as it is politically correct? Or do you have holiday decorations year round? I am one that generally likes to get my decorations up early. Mainly because the holiday comes only once a year and I like to celebrate it to the fullest extent. Also it often takes a lot of time to put them up and I just can't see doing that for only a week before the holiday.

Currently I have some Halloween items on ebay and etsy. But what is cool is having my
'Witch is In' print featured on American Holiday Artist. Go visit that blog to see some other wonderful holiday artwork. Just click on the link on my blog here. It may just inspire you to get decorating if you haven't already!

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Sheryl Parsons said...

Hi Cathy, if you will stop by my blog you can choose which ornament you would like and I will get it off to you ASAP. I actually love to decorate for the holidays. I will put out Autumn leaves, gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn as well as garlands of leaves and such, and they stay up until the day after Thanksgiving. Then I put them away and start getting Christmas out. Thanksgiving is such an under appreciated holiday, and very important to me. I love this time of year, and want to enjoy each holiday in it's own time.