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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cherry Popsicles

Gee, here I was sitting, eating a cherry popsicle, thinking the world was grand when all of a sudden I hear the sound of water running- not where it's supposed to be running! My son was doing some laundry and the drain was clogged and well, it kind of made a mess. But not too big of a mess. I caught it before we drowned.

This week I made a couple of dolls. One is titled Tattered Ballerina, just because she is antiqued and her tutu is bit tattered. She is made of cloth and is sculpted in paperclay. The other is Bizzel the Witch Girl. She is a painted lady. I think that's what I will call my dolls that are just painted and don't have any paper clay sculpture on them. By definition, painted lady could be A. a victorian house, B. a butterfly, or C. a lady of the evening (you know what I mean...) or the most newest definition: D. one of my folk art dolls that are painted. Ta Da!

Did I mention that both dolls are on ebay? The ballerina ends on Tuesday and the Witch (aka painted lady) ends next Sunday. I think I need another cherry popsicle. Life is good as long as drains don't get clogged in the middle of eating one.

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