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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ready, Set, Go.... starting at 99 cents

One thing I continue to do is participate in a contest with artists friends on Ebay. It's called Nibblefest and the purpose of the contest is to see how many unique bids our art can get. So in other words each person who bids on a piece gets counted once even though they may bid 5 or 6 times. It's fun to do and all auctions start at just 99 cents. It's also fun to see the bids go up and see how high they get.

Of course when you participate as an artist you do risk that you might get only one bid and sell something for just 99 cents. I know it's happened to me before. I don't mind though, I just look at it like it's an investment in getting my name out there.

Nibblefest always starts at the same time each month, the 20th and ends on the 27th. This month's theme is Nursery Rhymes. I chose Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. Currently in my artwork I have transitioned from painting in acrylics to oils, so I thought I would like to do a quick study of a girl, added a few flowers and called her Mary. She's kind of a modern Mary. The origin of that particular nursery rhyme is a bit gruesome and several hundred years old, so I decided to depart from the old and ugly to new and pretty.

Taking a picture of an oil painting when it's freshly done is a touch difficult. The new paint is shiny and reflects the light. I got a fairly good shot of it, but the color didn't come across very good. The background is a colorful but muted array of purple, greens and blues mixed into grey tones. Mary's coloring and dress is delicate pinks and roses but in the photo it looks washed out. Normally I would enhance the color in photoshop but it made the background blue-blue, too blue, so I had to settle for the washed out looking image because the colors were more true to the painting. I don't know what is worse - enhanced wrong colors or washed out impression of the right colors. What would you do?

Anyhoo. This is an invitation for you to visit my auction of Mary and bid on it. Help me get multiple bids so I can win the contest! (Is that bad to ask?) You may even win a lovely 8" x 10" oil painting! Check it out;
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

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