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Monday, March 11, 2013


This week will be the opening of the Utah Watercolor Society show for their Two Star and Signature members. The title of the show is "Breaking Through - Something New" and the artists were urged to create something a little different from traditional watercolor techniques and go for creative and experimental.

My painting titled "Unlimited" is painted on watercolor paper mounted to masonite. The majority of it is in watercolor, since the guidelines state that 75% must be water media. My 25% departure was in small details of the painting. I collaged die-cut blossoms and buttons of watercolor paper that were washed in pale shades of watercolor. The buttons have little threads of brazilian embroidery floss giving the appearance that they are sewn to the dress. The silver lining of the cloud is enhanced with white glitter. Recently I bought some Derwent Ink Tense pencils. They are so fun! Like watercolor pencils, you draw with them and then take your brush with water and blend them in. The difference between them and regular watercolor pencils is that the Ink Tense becomes permanent after it dries. I know, pretty cool. I used them for adding little details around the painting, including drawing designs on the dress using stencils and then lightly washing over them with water.

The final touch was to apply and spray matte finish over the painting and then brush on 5 layers of a satin poly-acrylic varnish. This very durable finish allowed me to frame the painting without glass. 

"Unlimited" will be showing at Michael Berry Gallery, March 15 - April 12th. The address is 163 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT.
This painting is available for purchase $650 contact me for info. 

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