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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Didn't Paint Today

This is really about last night., that extended itself into the wee hours of the morning. Last night /early this morning one of my sons flew in from Florida whom I picked up at 1:30 am. He had a very long day with an 8 hour wait at JFK and boy, was he pooped! As you can imagine, we headed home ready to go to bed. When we arrived, my youngest daughter calls out that she needed our help! One of her front teeth that is really a crown had come loose earlier (an important fact that you should know). Just before we got there, she was feeling sick and headed towards the bathroom and with her face closer to the toilet than the end that traditionally is, she... well you get the picture. Then after rinsing out her mouth in the sink, she realized her tooth was missing!

Enter my son Brock and I, just in time to disasemble the pipes under the sink. No tooth. So it must be in toilet right? Without flushing it and NOT going into detail of what we did to look for the tooth, after 3 hours and lot of inspiration and both kids asleep, I finally got the tooth out of the toilet without taking it apart! If you need the information in the event that your child loses something very small in the toilet please email me. I'm an artist and very creative, don't you know?

I triumphantly woke my daughter up -"See I told you we'd find it!" After major sanitizing of the tooth and a threat to my daughter to get to the dentist (she's 21 next month and should be responsible to do that herself, right?) she returned to a peaceful night's sleep.
The picture above is my Aubrey - One more thing about the trials of that tooth. She lost it in the grass while camping out the previous night and had to wait til morning to find it! *sigh*

So you see why I didn't paint today. Having gone to bed at 4:30 am and sleeping in and then going to see Angels and Demons (terrific movie) with Brock and my other daughter Kim, nothing more could be expected of me.


Sheryl Parsons said...

Whew! What a story Catherine! But, you overcame, yay! Crowns are spendy to say the least so I would superglue that one I hope she's gone to the dentist.


Catherine Darling said...

That's a good idea - super glue! :-)