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Sunday, February 28, 2010

BDAC Opening Reception

On Friday night I attended the opening reception of the Bountiful Davis Art Center's State-wide Show (boy that's a mouthful). As previously mentioned I had a piece accepted in it and so did a number of friends. I thought I would be the artful reporter and take pictures and report on the opening. However after 3 pictures the battery on my camera went dead. So much for artful reporting.

The first image is of Cara Koolmees, an award winning watercolor artist, known for her colorful splashy watercolors. Two of her paintings were accepted in the show. She is shown here with Dancing in the Rain, or was it Rain Dance? Gee am I a good reporter or what... I didn't take notes. Oh well. I really liked this painting.
The second image is of Pat Rivkind. This is the first juried show she has ever entered. She said it's my fault because I told her about the show a couple of weeks ago at the UWS miniature show opening. She does some nice work and she just needs to have confidence in it. I hope getting juried in this show helps! Great job Pat, and I love your black and white jacket with your painting - the truck on the bottom, a watercolor... didn't get the name on that one either...duh!
If you are from Salt Lake, you might be familiar with Tanner Frames, a high quality frame shop owned and operated by Travis Tanner. Did you know that he is a talented artist as well? This is his piece, an assemblage and beautifully framed, of course. Travis always gets juried into all the major shows here in Utah... Again I didn't get the title of the piece, but Travis does have cute dimples.
After my camera died, I hi-jacked my Mr. Joe's camera and got a few more pictures. If I can get them off his camera in the next few days, I will post them here.


Sheryl Parsons said...

I need to follow you around for a couple of weeks to see what you do, and who you know. I miss so much of this being out here in the nether regions of Utah. You create with so many mediums it amazes me!

Catherine Darling said...

Hi Sheryl, it would be great fun to get togehter sometime. Do you get out to Salt Lake much?
I think the bulk of local call for entry shows are pretty much over. I have my featured show at Local Colors next week and then I am going to focus on my online venues.