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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Listen With Love

Today I painted another study for my show. This is a vast improvement for me. Not only am I NOT painting the day of the scheduled show but I am doing studies. That's good, right?
As an artist I am always questioning myself, or should I say my art(?). If you have read my blog much you would see that my art roams. Roams in style, that is! So as I think about these studies that I am doing, and I ask myself " is this what I want in my show in March?" I am like a fish out of water... flip, flop. I can't make up my mind what style I want to paint. So... I would appreciate any input from anyone who happens to read this: Should I be painting my more realistic paintings for my show or a series of these whimisical paintings, like this study which is titled: Is Auditor Per Dilago (She Listened With Love).
Either way, both styles would still be on the whimsy side, but I would surely appreciate comments and welcome your opinion!


Anonymous said...

This painting is awesome.
Show both sides of you.
Your brilliant!

anotherlinda said...

I love these last two pieces you've done...the whimsical side of you! Great job Cathy!

Catherine Darling said...

Hi Julie-ann and Linda, Thanks, I really appreciate your input. It is very valuable to me. Especially since you both are such fine artists.