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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

It's a great day when everyone is thinking about love and the people they love. I hope everyone is have a lovely Valentine's day.

I made my first artsy doll, she was for a challenge on the cloth and clay doll group. It was to make a Queen of Hearts by Valentine Day. I made one, and she is delighted to make an appearance on my blog today. I guess I have never quite grown up, as I found she is as much fun to play with as she was to make.

My favorite subjects to paint are people and animals, so I am finding that making art dolls are a natural extension to that. I love the small format and look forward to exploring sculpting in paperclay and then using my hoard of odds and ends that I have kept around, hoping one day I would use it in my art. So really this is a theraputic de-junking exercise! :-)

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